Monday, September 30, 2013

Festival in the Park

This past weekend we went to a super cool festival with our good friends Luca and Lynna.  We listened to some nice music and even got to play some!

 Odin and Luca did cool leaf art!

Friday, September 27, 2013

After School Play at Kids Together

Yesterday was so much fun!  Grandma picked Odin up from school and took him to art class (this was his second class and so far he really seems to enjoy it!).  At class they painted a cat on a piece of wood.  Pretty good painting (I think).
After art class we went to Kids Together park and played and played (and had a picnic dinner too).  

Bjorn, not being afraid, did some tricky climbing!

Look Mom all the way to the top!  

 Odin, always in motion, couldn't stop to let me get a good picture of him!

Towards the end of the evening Odin and Bjorn started playing together.  Rolling down a grassy hill, chasing each other and climbing together.  Momma asked Odin to sit next to Bjorn for a picture and he offered up a kiss!  (Bjorn has spaghetti sauce around his face from the picnic dinner;-).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Water Play at Pullen Park

Just some fun at Pullen Park after school...(boys were so wet they rode home naked!)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Fun

Just some weekend fun at the lake house...Odin and his bow and arrow (his 5 year old b-day present).

 Bjorn catching a fish!

Bjorn is 2!!!!!

Bjorn turned two this past Friday.  WOW he is growing!   He is talking more and more each day and wanting to do EXACTLY what Odin does.  Here is our big boy all ready for "school" (he goes to daycare two mornings a week).

For his birthday we had a small dinner party and our guests brought some awesome toys!  Bjorn loves this truck!
 Here we are singing Happy Birthday!
 At the end of the evening all the friends got together to have a "silly show."  It was really silly and FUN to watch!  The man with a hardhat is Bjorn!

Monday, September 16, 2013


This past weekend we went sailing with some friends off the coast of NC.  It was AWESOME!  We sailed out across some rough waters, but anchored in calm waters and enjoyed some swimming (water was surprisingly warm!), yummy dinner, playtime and then a nice sleep on the sail boat in the "V-berth".  The kids did remarkably well given the little amount of space available to run around.  Odin did find parts of the boat that were good for climbing and that helped as did the angry birds game on the iPad!

 In the morning the kids went on the top of the boat and started singing and dancing for us!
It was cute...

Dad got to climb UP the mast...WOW he got HIGH!
Bjorn got to drive the boat!

 And the sunset was amazing.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Playin' After School

Odin seems to be enjoying school.  He said to Dad, "I don't want to go to school....Actually, I DO WANT TO GO!"  Everyday mom picks him up after school and gets a report of yes, school was fun, but I don't recall what I did!  :-)  BUT, now Odin is counting waaaay past 100 (I believe we heard him counting to 165 once) AND he can count by 10' he must be learning something!  Although, if you ask him, he will say he did not learn that in school; rather he taught himself!

Today after school we went to the park to get some free-play after a long day of learning.  Both kids enjoyed themselves.

And a cute picture of Odin and Dad while waiting at the bus stop in the morning...

In other happenings...Odin turned 5 and we had a wonderful birthday party at the lake house (pictures soon to come!).  Bjorn said "grandpa" today and is really starting to communicate effectively!