Monday, March 30, 2015

Pinewood Derby--Boy Scouts

This past Friday Grandma and Momma took the boys to the Pinewood Derby so they could race their cars.

 Here is Odin at check in and weighing his car.  At first it was over (by a lot and possibly due to the 15+ pennies he had taped on;-).  We removed some pennies and then it was accepted!
 Odin and his friend Bryce are on "deck."
 Odin setting his car to race.
 And, well, Odin's car didn't do so well, but really he did what many of the other boys really wanted to video games;-)  Yes, all these boys are circled around some lucky boy's IPad!


A surprise gift from Dad came in the mail the other day...more legos!  The boys love their legos...

Prepping for a Birthday Party

We spent most of Saturday getting ready for Ailynn's birthday party...Odin made a crown and a kite for her (with Grandma's help).

And Bjorn made flourless chocolate cupcakes with Momma.

The party was a blast!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Fun in the Sun

This weekend was gorgeous!  We played outside most of Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was at Bishop park and Sunday hiking at the Botanical Gardens.

At the Botanical Gardens the kids found trees to climb and a creek to play in.  Glorious day for all...

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was a busy one!  On Friday night Odin had his Boy Scouts banquet where he got some cool awards and...

got to play with his friend, Bryce.  The organizers of the banquet were very smart to put a pile of legos on every table for the kids to play with during the ceremony!  Kept the noise level minimal as every kid was deeply engrossed in building...

Mom and Dad spent all day Saturday picking out tile, looking at trim, talking to the contractor that is going to install the hardwood floors...whew...the Holman house takes up so much time!  Can't wait to move in...

But on Sunday Mom spent the day with the kids.  In the morning she took Odin on a run with her.  Odin quickly found a cool place in the woods to build a hideout/fort, so mom ran laps around him.  Later that day she took both boys to the jump house and they met up with their friends Ben and Max.

The boys played air hokey and jumped!!!  a lot!!!

Later that evening Dad read a Star Wars book to Odin for over an hour!  After taking a needed break, Odin kept on enjoying the was nice to see Odin enjoying a book by himself (something that doesn't happen very often;-).