Monday, May 23, 2011

Wood Working and Summer Camp

Odin and I made mom a "kitchen herb garden" box out of cedar for Mother's Day. We even had fun getting the wood, the carts are like little pieces of gymnastic equipment.

Odin was a big help with measuring and marking the wood. He took his role very seriously.

We finished it up, added soil, now we just have to wait for the herbs to grow!

Odin came out to visit me while I'm teaching my "forestry summer camp" to NCSU students. He really enjoyed the time in the woods.

He also had fun erasing on the board.

Of course he brought his chainsaw!! Did quite a lot of cutting at summer camp.

He got his first tick of the season as well, but mom got it out quickly and with no problems.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bikes and Bees!

What do kids think about while looking at 12,000 bees from about 10 inches away???
We got our honeybees in the morning of the horrible tornados that came through Raleigh. Dad had some help from some visiting friends from Sweden, Vilis and Vilija, in installing the hive.
Amazing what the bees do in just a few weeks. They started with nothing, just a wooden bar.
Our first taste of our own honey!! Very yummy! Odin asked for "more honey please!"
We got Odin a "strider" bike, with no pedals, chain, or training wheels. He rides it by walking/running along. He has really learned to balance well. I (dad) watched him go down a gentle hill for 25 feet without putting his feet down on the ground!! This will really help him with transitioning to a pedal bike in the future.

Of course we took a break for some Easter Egg coloring followed by an egg hunt! Interestingly, Odin insisted on bringing his chainsaw on the Easter Egg hunt. ha!