Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuscany, Italy

We took a recent trip to the Tuscany region of Italy to visit Uncle Bill and Brian. What a wonderful time! It was a 'real' vacation - no email, no computer, no work. In addition to wonderful food, great company and beautiful artwork we experienced life with a baby that no longer crawls! Odin has become a full-time walker and even at times almost a runner!

Odin, Uncle Bill, and Dad relaxing. Odin found some new toys while in Italy...one of his favorites was the salad spinner (pictured below).

Mom and Odin after a long hike in a huge national forest called Casentinesi.

Odin showing Uncle Bill around the local favorite resturant, La Gravena.
Odin chasing pigeons in Arezzo. It was his first real "run." He really wanted to play with them, but they always kept about a 1-2 meters away from him.
Odin and Mom on the streets of Poppi after visiting a 12th century castle.
Dad, Odin and Mom in the yard of the beautifully renovated farm house we stayed in near Arezzo in the Tuscany region.
Uncle Bill, Dad and Odin checking out the sights in San Gimignano, a wonderful historic town.
Mom and Odin in Florence.
Julian, Uncle Bill, Odin and Brian after a nice long dinner.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Odin's walking has really improved over the past two days. As everyone said, IT HAPPENS SO QUICK! Yesterday we had a little party and Odin was the hit of the party showing off his newly found walking skills.

Odin's friend Cornelia came to visit with her dad Peder.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

12 Steps

Odin took his first steps today! He took two steps for mom twice during the day and then when Papa came home he took 12 steps for him!
Over the weekend Papa successfully completely a 30KM (18.6 miles) race in Stockholm!
While in Stockholm we spent a lot of time in Gamla Stan (the old city).
To celebrate Papa's finish (as well as the other friends that ran and finished) we are throwing a party. Odin's bringing the beer!
And cooking!