Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swedish Summer

Summer is finally here (we think). For the past few days we've had temps in the 70's and we are now getting strawberries from Sweden (the best strawberries in the world). Yesterday we went swimming in the lake by our house (literally a 5 minute walk from our apartment). The water was a bit cool, but the sun was warm!

Odin loves strawberries. Mom gives them to him whole and he enjoys the process of eating them himself as much as the taste!

Odin's favorite toy has become the jogger. He loves to pull himself up with it and then play with all the interesting parts...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crawling and Teeth!

Here is a short video of Odin crawling out to the back deck. He is getting very fast!

Celia held Odin upside down and tickeled him to make him laugh so that I could snap this quick picture of his 4 upper teeth! He has two bottom teeth that you can't see in this picture.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yesterday was Midsummer and here in Umea we have 24 hours of daylight (the sun sets around 11:10 pm and rises at 2:15 am). We celebrated the event with many Swedes by going to Gammalia (old city) for a picnic lunch and some dancing around the maypole.

Here's Odin playing with his very own maypole that Dad made for him.
Part of the tradition is to decorate the maypole with flowers and birch leaves before it is raised up.
After the afternoon celebrations we had dinner with our Swedish friends. We walked home from dinner around 11 pm. Odin was relaxing in the jogger on the walk home (notice how light it is outside and we didn't use the flash on this picture!).
This past week we purchased a cyclewagon for Odin. It goes behind Dad's bike and once Mom gets a bike should make travel around town much quicker! We took it for a spin today (Mom jogged along side Dad) and Odin seemed to really enjoy the ride...and then he dosed off to sleep;-) It has a mesh screen cover to stop bugs from coming in and toys from going out, and it also has a rain cover to keep him dry if it's raining or snowing.

My new toy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lund, Ystad, and Playing

Over this past week we traveled to a town in southern Sweden called Lund. Dad had to go for work, so mom and Odin came along to keep him company! This is a picture of all of us in front of a rune stone carved by vikings, commonly found in southern Sweden.
Over the weekend, we traveled to a small town on the southeast coast called Ystad with some great folks dad knows from work.
Odin chewing on a Swedish Flag. Saturday was a national holiday.
We were also able to see a different part of Sweden as the coastline can be drastically different in the south. It goes from nice sandy beaches to rocky cliffs. Though dad wanted to go swimming, it was still a bit too cold!Odin loves lamps! He studies them and then (of course) wants to eat them! ha!
Dad went with mom and Odin to the "Open School Nursery" where young babies of all ages get to interact and play. What fun! Odin got to show dad all of his favoite toys and new friends.
Watch Out... naked baby on the loose...
Mom went running with Odin using the jogging stroller around the lake by our apartment.
Odin and dad were there to support mom as she ran a 5K race called the Vår Ruset. This was a big deal as it was her first race since Odin was born.