Thursday, August 29, 2013

Odin's First Day of School

Today is Odin's first day of school!  Today he goes to Poe Montessori for staggered entry to get evaluated and then on Tuesday kindergarten officially starts.  Tomorrow he turns 5!  We are all so proud of him, happy to see him growing into such a nice young man, but also sad ;-)  our children grow up so fast.

This morning Dad took Odin to school, but he will ride the bus home and on Tuesday he'll ride the bus to/from school.

Here's the sweet boy blowing kisses and waving good bye!
A picture at Poe.

And home on the bus...

Tho, he didn't get home until 5:30 (2 hours after school ended)!  No kidding!  We will make arrangements to  pick him up at school in the future!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kaufman Invasion!

This past weekend we had the Kaufman side of the family come and visit us at the lake house.  The house was full and good times rocked!  Momma got to hang with her cousins Emily and Josh...

Odin got to know his cousin (once removed?  or second cousin??), Aaron better...Aaron taught him "Angry Birds."

And Bjorn spent lots of time with his cousin Hannah.  She gave him lots of special attention and he loved it.

We all enjoyed wakeboarding, but nobody did it as graceful as my Aunt Lynn.

Bronson got crazy with the boat and flipped Uncle Jonah and Emily OVER in the tube!  But fortunately folks were willing to get back on the tube and ride some more.  Here Uncle Jonah, Odin, and Hannah go for a ride.

 Uncle Jonah and Aunt Lynn get some calm time (away from the kids) on the kayaks.

 The entire clan...4 generations!  (minus Lynn - taking photo)
 Oh and because Bjorn is so cute, we can't have a post without a "cute" picture.  Bjorn wearing Hannah's shoes:-)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Visit from Grandma Cathy and Uncle Ant

We had a visit this weekend from Grandma Cathy and Uncle Ant.  We had fun playing in the water and swimming. 
 Grandma Cathy loved going on the tube with Odin.
Everyone had a fun time kayaking around the cove.
 Aunt Connie and Uncle Henry also came to visit for the day and had a blast on the water. 
 Going for a sunset cruise.


Lots of fun was had by all at Pennsic this year!  We even talked Grandpa Dave into joining us on our annual medieval adventures...he loved it as did everyone else!

This year was surprisingly cool with temperature getting COLD at night!  Refreshing change from the HOT, HOT weather we've been having in Raleigh!  As usual we camped with our best, best buds Mark, Mel and Madelyn.  Our campsite was really awesome this year and right next to three apple trees (made for some perfect target practice and entertainment for Odin--also the apples we collected made super yummy applesauce).  Here is our campsite:

Dad only got to fight in two battles this year and we all watched the first one.
The wagon was critcal for some of the walks around (also great for naps for kids!).
Björn thought the helmut was funny.
After watching Dad fight the boys needed a rest in the wagon and a cupcake!  (coconut flour for those of you wondering...;-).
Mark, Mel and Madelyn in front of the castle!

Odin fighting a knight!
Björn taking a rest on Mel during the kids festival.