Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Harvest

Yesterday we did some garden work and harvested some veggies...Odin was so busy harvesting he could hardly hold still for the picture!
Odin shows off a tomato. He really likes the orange cherry tomatoes, but only if he's picked it off the vine himself.

WOW, lots of veggies!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Momma's cookin'

Odin has become a really good eater (for the most part). He enjoys most meats and fruits, rice, eggs, yogurt, pasta (probably his favorite food...but he doesn't get it very often b/c mom considers it junk food) and veggies when he doesn't know they are in the food he's eating (mom is really good at disguising veggies--meatballs often have carrots, beats, squash and other seasonal veggies in them!)

Tonight at dinner Odin was extra hungry. Mom made lamb burgers and as dad was bringing them in from the grill Odin came happily skipping in the house saying, "yummy, there are lots of them!" We gave Odin the option of choosing his burger. They were small so when he grabbed two we were OK with it...but when he promptly put FOUR on his plate we wondered what WE were going to eat! In the end he finished two of the burgers with plenty of ketchup and his green beans. Hungry boy!

Odin loves his Legos! They get special rides in the truck and at night he puts them to bed in a special bed he made for them.

Last weekend Odin and Dad built a bed frame for our family bed. Mom has had a really tough time getting out of bed with the bed on the floor...too much belly!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th

We spent the 4th with friends at a local outdoor concert arena. We listened to the Cary Town Band. Odin loved it! Every time they stopped playing he would ask for more...he's really into music these days!

Odin is also getting excited about being a big brother. We are at 26 weeks. He often says, "baby's ready to come out!"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Odin the harvestor!

Lately Odin has found lots of enjoyment helping mom and dad harvest veggies (and occasionally eat them too). He finds it MOST fun to harvest using scissors!!! Here Odin is scissoring green beans.
In the background you can see the cucumber plants! Soon we are expecting lots of cucumbers!

Dad's bees are doing their part to make sure we get lots of cucumbers!

Another fun play for Odin is to build tunnels! We build tunnels with everything! But he especially loves pillow tunnels (or also called forts depending on his play mood).