Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Odin and Dad took a trip up to NJ to visit Uncle Brandon, Aunt Mary and his cousins, Sydney and Brooke.  It was Uncle Brandon's 40th birthday and there was a big party (though i don't have any pictures from the was that good! :).

We did go out and eat sushi, though the kids mostly enjoyed the rice.
 Spent a little bit of time on the boat (while docked), mostly working on getting the kids their 'sea legs' so they can keep balance on the rocking boat.
 We had SNOW up in NJ and while not much, we were still able to make a small snowman.
 The 3 cousins had a BLAST playing together.  Odin still talks about the trip and just this morning was packing up his suitcase for the "next" trip to NJ.

More Foods for Bjorn

This morning Bjorn enjoyed some garden-fresh carrots steamed in water and coconut oil.  He really, really liked them.  Mom had a hard time getting them to the right consistency, so she just chewed them up a bit first and then gave them to Bjorn.  He didn't seem to mind the pre-processing;-)

The carrots were probably the best carrots we've ever had.  Last night Odin helped Mom pull them from the garden.  So yum!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bjorn's First Foods

Bjorn has been "begging" for food for a while now.  He carefully watches us all eat and even leans in as we put our food in our mouth.  So the other day mom and I decided to give it a try!  We have a munchie (which is a device that allows you to put food inside a mesh holder).  We put some frozen banana in the munchie and gave it to Bjorn.  I think the picture says it all...
Last night we tried some apple in the munchie.  No good, he fussed until we returned the munchie with some banana.

This morning we tried mashed avocado!  I think he LOVED it.
He even tried to take the spoon out of Grandma's hand!
And just feed himself!
Today is Bjorn's 5 month birthday.  Much sooner than I had planned to start solids, but...he just seemed so ready and it is just so much fun! :-)  He's still a great nurser! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Grandpa Dave B-sitting again

This morning while I was getting stuff done...laundry, making breakfast, dishes, etc...Grandpa Dave watched the kids!  He and Odin found a comfy way to relax in the sunroom.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bjorn and Grandma

Grandma reading to Bjorn.
Bjorn listening!
But wondering...what is she saying???
Oh, must be something about how cute I am!