Monday, May 16, 2016

Odin's first triathalon

On Saturday Odin and his buddy Ben did their first triathalon and Mom could not be prouder!

Before the race started we set up their stuff in the transition area and clearly marked the location.
 Odin prepared for the swim by getting his hair wet ;-)
 And he was off!
 Then he ran to the transition area to get read for the 2 mile bike ride.
 Odin had a bit of trouble getting dressed and tying his shoes...but fortunately there were more volunteers than kids participating!  
 And off he went for the bike ride!
 And then the 0.4 mile run.
 Ben came in first and Odin second in their age group!  So amazing!!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Twightlight Fun

Athens is really a fun festivals seem to happen a lot and everyone really gets into them!  This weekend was Twighlight.  All day Saturday there were kid's events and bike races.  Later in the evening there was a professional bike race held downtown and it was so amazing to feel the breeze created by these super fast bikers as they zoomed past!

The first event of the day was a 5K. Mom and Channette ran in a nice clip!

 After Mom's race we got ready for the boy's events.
 Odin did a 1K race and
Bjorn did a bike race.
 Later that day Odin got to do a lap on the official race course!  He said the turns were really tight and he had to break hard!

Throughout the day there were lots of kids events and our boys had a blast!
 They even got to ride a bull!

Monday, May 2, 2016

What's up with Bjorn

Bjorn, too, is getting into lots of fun.  He's becoming a bit of a dare-devil! 

 He practiced jumping over and over!
 Then moved onto balancing acts!
But, this morning found legos to be more his speed...

Whats up with Odin!

Just a few pics of Odin and what he's been into lately...

He discovered a Minecraft series that he loves and has actually enjoyed reading (woa...big surprise!).

 He's playing soccer again this fall.

Odin and Ben hanging out during a game.

 He participated in a track and field day at school.  He ran the 1600!  Mom was so proud.  He ran the full distance in 8:30.
 He also did the Javelin throw.
 And he continues to love the garden.  So anxious for the sugar snap peas to arrive!