Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Another Trip to Raleigh

We got to spend another lovely weekend in Raleigh.  We traveled up to sign a year lease with a lovely couple that will be renting our home (since it won't sell...).

We spent the weekend with friends.  Momma Lynna watched the boys and it was a pleasure to slip back into our "Raleigh life" for a couple of days.

After spending time in Raleigh we drove up to the lake house to enjoy another house that won't sell ;-).  Grandpa Dave joined us and spent some quality time with the boys.

While in Raleigh Grandma Fern took the boys to Shul and babysat so Momma and Dad could go out for dinner!  Woa...a dinner date;-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend in Raleigh

This past weekend we drove up to Raleigh to enjoy Halloween and our Raleigh friends.  It was a blast.  We started the adventures Halloween night with Delta, Demetrius, Asher, Hope and Luke, Lizzie, Lucas, Sue and Trampas.  We carved pumpkins and attempted to trick or treat (but all the houses were empty by the time we got there;-)  Grandpa made up for the lack of candy by taking the boys to Whole Foods and buying them TONS of candy and chocolate milk!

On Saturday and Sunday we played again with friends.  And Monday Lynna, Luca, Grandma and the boys played all morning while Momma worked.

We are so happy we got to see our Raleigh friends!