Monday, February 29, 2016

Weekend with Mom

This past weekend Dad flew up to NJ and Mom spent the weekend with the kids.  Saturday morning was lazy hanging around the house, but right before lunch Mom ran a 5K with her friends while the kids played.

While Bjorn napped Mom and Odin watched the 4th Harry Pottery movie (we are first reading the book and then watching the movies).  Once Bjorn woke up we headed to the park for some running and playtime!  The weather was so incredible!

On Sunday we went hiking with friends at the Botanical Gardens and of course, the boys did half the hike in the creek leaving Bronson two very dirty pairs on sneakers to clean when he arrived at home Sunday night :-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mom turns 40

This past weekend Mom turned 40! was great and could not have been better.  The entire day was spectacular.

First, up at 6:30 to open presents from family.  Most favorite was my crown and dumbbell weights.  The kids were so excited!

Next a very chilly 8:30 trail race (7.5 miles) run with my awesome running buddies (Channette and Rachael).
 Later in the evening Mom and Dad got dressed up for an evening out.
 Dinner with lots of special friends!

Kristen and Dad surprised mom with a cake that had 40 candles!  Whew mom blew them all out!

 And then dancing until almost 2am!

 Even Bronson danced!

When Screen Time Gets Taken Away

Mom and Dad have made a new rule in the screen time (or very limited) M-F but unlimited on the weekend.  As a result Odin has gotten very creative with his playtime!  Most recently he's been enjoying "sliding" down the stairs.

He's gotten his friend Lila into joining the fun!

And...they also enjoy seeing how high they can jump!

Oh, and going down standing up is exciting too ;-)  Fortunately no major accidents!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Catch Up! has been busy...too busy to update with pictures!  So here is a catch up post!

We will start with the holiday visit from the Bullocks.  Brandon, Mary, Sid, and Brooke came down and spent a week with us (including New Years).  We all had a blast!  The kids got along so well.

For New Years we went to see an '80's band and we dressed the part!  Our Athen's friends joined us (below Bronson "hangs" with his ladies...).

In late January Grandpa came down to visit.  Grandpa taught the kids how to make a fire (and enjoy marshmellows!) 

and play War!  Every morning the kids enjoy jumping on Grandpa to wake him up.  Bjorn has also been enjoying riding his bike to school with Grandpa.

Mom organized a ladies pottery night.  It felt really, really nice to be on the wheel again.  After many, many years (pre-kids) it was a nice surprise to still be able to throw something fairy decent!  Like riding a bike...