Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Odin you are such a big boy

Today's blog begins with a letter to Odin from his Momma...

My dear sweet Odin,

You are such a big boy now.  You are 3 years and almost 8 months and everyday you amaze me.  I love you dearly.  This past Saturday our relationship changed in a really big way.  We had been talking about buying you your big boy bike with peddles for a couple of weeks.  We agreed that when you got your big boy bike you would be a big boy; too big to nurse.  This Saturday you told me you were ready for your big boy bike.  Part of me was really sad, but another part of me was really happy.  Odin, I love nursing you and the closeness it brings us; but I also know we can be close without it and I thought we were ready for the change.

On Saturday we got you your big boy bike and you rode it like you were born to ride!  As for the milkies, well, you do miss them.  You ask for it often but everyday you ask less and we cuddle more.  Tonight you didn't even ask and you let Dad cuddle you to sleep.  You told Grandma you were glad Bjorn nurses because you love milkies.  You are growing up so fast!  I love you so much and I love growing with you.


Odin and Dad practice riding without training wheels!!!
We are so proud of him!
After some practice on the grass in the yard, Odin was ready for an adventure.  We went to a local park, Lake Johnson, and Odin rode 1 mile by himself on the bike without training wheels.  Dad only had to "catch" him 3-4 times and help him get started a bit, the rest was by himself!!  He wanted to keep going, but we had to get uncle Anthony to the airport!
Fun times at the beach!
Dad remembered doing the exact same thing at the NJ shore when he was a kid...
Odin lovin' Bjorn!

Bjorn is almost 7 months!

We headed to the doc yesterday and got a thumbs up for Bjorn.  He's doing great!  Developmentally he is right on track.  He's almost sitting by his self, he can transfer toys from one hand to the next, loves rolling over to his tummy and grabbing for various toys, he's "talking" and even telling us when Odin annoys him!  Here are his stats:

-21 pounds, 14 oz (93 percentile)
-28.5 inches (92 percentile)