Monday, August 15, 2011


Our annual medieval camping trip this year was a blast (although, it was epic and full of surprises, but hey, its Pennsic!). Mom was 31 weeks pregnant; when she was pregnant with Odin she was 33 weeks pregnant for Pennsic!
We had lots of fun and did so many cool things. Here we are watching a bag-pipe band play.

Bronson did some fighting (here he is all armoured up and ready to go into battle).

At the children's festival, Odin got to fight a knight!

And, apparently, he won!

Odin is always happy when Dad returns from a battle!

Odin also enjoys watching the battles!

Here the fighters go off to battle.

The camping crew (from left to right): Mom, Odin, Dad, Madelyn, Mark, and Mel.

And finally, off topic, but cool...we are fostering some chickens! Below can you tell which eggs came from our truly free-range chickens and which came from the grocery store?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just some cute pics

It is HOT these days, but we are still enjoying our summer! Below a typical weekend breakfast with Dad...

Recently Odin got his very own big boy bed! He really likes it, but still prefers to sleep with mom and dad in the big bed (which is right next to his bed;-).

Grandma Fern is visiting (and soon will be living with us) this week. Here she is showing Odin how to play Mahjong! Watch out Grandma Leah (the expert Mahjong player in the family), Odin one day might be your match.

Mom is suffering through the hottest summer on record and growing bigger and bigger. Here we are at 30 weeks.