Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Almost walking!!!

Björn is getting so close to walking.  Yesterday he discovered how much fun it can be pushing a cart!

 Walking so fast the picture is blurred!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Swings and Popsicles

Just some super cute pics...Odin loves to swing and he can get really high!!!  He always makes a funny face for pictures.

 Bjorn, loves to swing too!
This morning Odin requested a popsicle for breakfast, so Momma made him an OJ popsicle.  He insisted that we make one for Bjorn too.
I think they both enjoyed themselves!

Odin and Maya

Odin spends a lot of time with a very close friend, Maya.  Her Momma, Tia, watches Odin 3 days a week while Momma works.  And boy do Odin and Maya have fun!!

They hike,

 ride 4-wheelers,
play dress-up,
 and once a week Momma Tia gives them both a swimming lesson!

Good times...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the afternoon...

Sometimes Odin is so tired after playing all day he still naps...and that allows Momma...

 to cook dinner with Bjorn!

And sometimes they BOTH nap together!  But this is VERY RARE!

 Of late, Odin has been enjoying a strange breakfast...TACOS!
 Yes, indeed, tacos!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Visit from Grandma Cathy

This past weekend we got a very special visit from Grandma Cathy.  She spent the weekend with us at the lake house and you betcha...we had fun!  We took many walks, did some biking (Odin demonstrated tremendous speed going down his favorite hill), and read a lot!  Grandma Cathy read an entire novel (yup, book with chapters and very few pictures) to Odin.  She also gave Björn lots of cuddles and squeezes.

Here they are hanging out on the dock in the morning for some coffee.

Reading the novel!

Odin and Björn continue to enjoy each other.  In this picture they are playing and having fun, but you may notice Odin is about to steal a toy from Björn.  The next second, Björn screams at Odin!
Just like Odin at this age, Björn LOVES to drive a car...

Just a cute picture of Björn and Momma...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake House

So, we've been mum about a big thing we did for a while ...but now its time to share...about a month ago we purchased a place on Lake Gaston.  It is a beautiful home and we are LOVING it!  We've been there for the past 4 weekends cleaning and making it our "home."

Here is a picture of the family getting ready to jump in off of the dock!  (about 5 ft deep off the end of the dock)

 Odin jumps for joy when we are there...even when it's raining...and sometimes Momma swims too!

This past weekend Great-Grandma Leah and Aunt Emily came to visit us. We are hoping for MORE visitors in the future!!!

Aunt Emily was the star of the show this past weekend (at least in Odin's mind).  Here they are reading and horsin' around together.

Every morning at the lake house Momma gets to go on a run.  No exception!  But often awaiting her is a hungry monster!!