Saturday, October 25, 2008

8 weeks

Here's Odin wiggling some more!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

7 weeks old (again)

So, today is actually Odin's 7 week b-day. To celebrate mom and Odin took a bath together. During the bath Odin relaxed so much he...well, he...umm...did a little bathroom! So, we re-bathed him in the sink.

It is amazing how much he's grown and you can really tell when you compare this picture to the picture below of his first bath!

After his bath mom gave him massage. She used olive oil which not only made his skin feel silky smooth, it also made him smell edible;-)

Following the bath and massage Odin passed out in mom's arms in the sling.

Friday, October 17, 2008

7 weeks old!

At 7 weeks we are very happy to report that Odin is doing well and continues to thrive. He's close to 10 pounds and mom is gaining more muscles in her arms from holding him as much as possible! He's also sleeping more at night which mom and dad love. We happily admit we have a family bed, thus can report on Odin's night act ivies with great accuracy! This also makes life much easier on mom and dad as we don't have to get up to feed or comfort him when he gets fussy. Mom's best sleep happens when Odin's asleep on her chest. Last night he worried mom by going 5 hours without nursing (not that he was asleep the entire time...). He made up for it by marathon nursing from 7am to 9am! Odin feeds "on demand" and Celia is often amazed at how often he wants to nurse, but who wouldn't want to be nuzzled up close to mom???

I've been asked by a few friends (Celia typing here...) if I get bored or lonely all day with Bronson at work? NOPE! The days go so quickly. Odin and I hang out, we change diapers, we nurse, we read, we take walks (Odin "rides" in either the sling or the Moby carrier), we listen to NPR, and sometimes we dance (again with Odin in one of my carriers). Oh-yeah, we also do a lot of laundry!

Grandma Fern says with Celia always carrying Odin he doesn't get enough "wiggle" this picture is for Grandma Fern. Odin wiggling under some mobiles.

Dad also gets to carry Odin in the sling! When dad comes home from work he immediately picks up Odin and puts him on his chest for a nap or play time.

Odin doing his tummy time! Although not willing to show off for the camera, Odin is very good at lifting and turning his head. He is especially good at it when he is hungry and he is looking for mom's you know what...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

5 1/2 Weeks Old

Odin hanging out on the couch (not sure why the picture is rotated).

Odin and Dad comparing hair after Dad got a haircut from mom.

Dad and Odin.

Odin measured 3 inches longer than when he was born! Now he's up to 22.5 inches long.

Amanda and Grady visit from GA.