Monday, June 30, 2014

Odin's First Camp Kaufman Experience

Odin just returned yesterday from a fun filled 4 days at Camp Kaufman (visiting Lynn, Jo, Josh, Maria, Aaron and Hannah in NY).

Here are Grandma and Odin at the airport.  Grandma also enjoyed Camp Kaufman.

Aaron and Odin did a lot of sword fighting!

 And game playing

 They saw the show Aladdin in NYC.

 And had lots of family time!

And lots of, lots of pool time!!!!

While Odin was away Bjorn enjoyed being an "only child" for a couple of days.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Art Party Camp

Odin, Bjorn and Momma just spent the last two days having a blast with Hope, Delta and Demetrius at Art Party Camp.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

Where does the time go?  Today was Odin's last day of kindergarten...what a wonderful year it was.  I cannot say enough great things about Odin's teacher and school.  We will miss them both.  When Odin entered kindergarten he didn't even know all his he reads books (and "at goal" according to his teacher...which apparently is a really big deal) and does addition and subtraction!

He's got poison ivy covering his face from some "landscaping" he was doing at Grandma's house...

Odin and his teacher, Mrs. Pietrzak.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Many new happenings!

Ah, so much has happened since the last post.  The biggest is our QUICK decision to move to Athens, GA.  Bronson has accepted a position with UGA...go Bulldogs:-)  So, we have been super busy with moving details.  But in the midst of all the crazy planning, house hunting, school viewing, daycare tours, etc...we have found time to relax (a bit) and hang out with Grandma!  Yesterday we did just that...

Odin has gotten so comfortable in the water.  He swims across the pool in the deep end, does flips and handstands :-)  he's become a regular fish...

Bjorn is just starting to get comfortable.  He's the happiest when Grandma swims with him!