Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visit to NJ & NY

We finished up our trip North by visiting dadie's family in NJ and NY. Here is a picture in Brooklyn with Uncle Anthony...Odin wasn't that interested in the discussion as Uncle Anthony was telling us about his dissertation reserach.
We enjoyed a couple of days on the beach in Long Island.

And an evening with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Frank.
And most fun for Odin, two solid days of play with his cousin, Sydney. Oh, they played together from morning til night. We also picked up a friend from Sweden, Evelina. Evelina will be staying with us for 5 weeks perfecting her English, helping out with Odin, and maybe teaching us some Swedish! Odin really digs Evelina!
We took Evelina to NYC to do some touristy things...Odin enjoyed Central Park the most...or rather chasing the birds in Central Park! The pigeons would wait until he was within 2 feet of them and then take off flying...he was determined to catch one.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Visit with the Kaufman's

We are traveling this week visiting lots of family. Our travels began with a trip to see Grandma Fern. Odin and Grandma made some good music together.

Next we traveled up to Long Island to see the rest of the Kaufman's...

Odin coozied up to Aunt Lynn quickly. Here Aunt Lynn is singing him to sleep on the hammock.
Odin met his cousin Aaron.

Odin's favorite person in Long Island is Uncle Jonah.
And next in line is Hannah (his other cousin).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trip to Myrtle Beach

This past weekend we took a trip down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to help Great-Grandma Leah move out of her home (she's now comfortably living in an assisted living place). While down in SC we spent a morning on the beach. Odin loved it!
He went swimming with Daddie and really liked the waves! Odin's favorite part of the trip was spending time with Grandma Fern's dog, Charlie. We are pretty sure Charlie felt the opposite, but he was a good sport and even let Odin take him for walks.
We had a little extra work to do in SC besides helping to move...Daddie replaced a starter on Great-Grandma Leah's Jeep. Odin was a very good helper and was very interested in what was going on under the Jeep.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hair Cut

Yesterday we gave Odin his first hair cut. We wanted to wait, but his bangs were getting in his eyes and we could tell it was really bothering him.

Odin loves "bathing" in our kitchen sink. We took the opportunity to get his hair wet and...
... a few quick cuts with the scizzors... ...and he still has more hair than dadie, even after the haircut...

Summer Camp

Last week was the final week of Forestry Summer Camp. Daddie (Odin has now decided Dadda should be Daddie) was gone for three weeks (coming home on the weekends). It was really hard on both Momma and Odin. Odin missed him so badly that one night he fell asleep holding a picture of him. Without fail, every morning Odin woke up and asked Momma where Daddie was.

Momma and Odin drove out to camp to visit and spend one night in the woods. Odin loved hanging out with the students and helping Daddie teach.
Odin was a quick study of the different statistical sampling techniques and soon was helping out.
"OK, class, did you understand that?"