Friday, June 17, 2016

Botanical Gardens

Our first trip of the summer to the Botanical Gardens for serious water play!

What's been happening

Life in Athens is great these days and we are having lots of fun.  Dad went to Sweden for work for 2 weeks and Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.

With Grandma we went roller skating.

Lila and Milen met us there.  Afterwards Odin had a sleepover with Lila!  First one...growing up so fast!  They had a blast and stayed up until 10 hanging out :-)

Grandpa spent a lot of time with Odin and Bjorn.  He taught Bjorn to play war (the card game!) and let them rough-house with him.

Grandpa also worked on our fireplace.  He had to leave to return to NJ but plans to finish it in the fall when he comes back to visit again (when it isn't so HOT here).
 Odin spent some time in the pottery studio helping Mom hand build a vase.

 And, after all this excitement even more excitement is on the horizon.  We are headed up to NJ and NY for a week-long family trip.  Bjorn wanted to know the states we would drive through so we got him a map of the US with stickers for each state.