Friday, November 27, 2015


We started Thanksgiving Break by heading up to the lake house and to Raleigh to visit with Grandma, friends and enjoy some relaxation at the lake house.

The boys watched Star Wars with dad and that was a huge hit!

We played a lot of games (mostly Uno) but also Monopoly Junior.  Odin went on some runs with mom (and that made mom super happy).

 And we got to visit with Raleigh friends.

We had Thanksgiving dinner in Athens with our friends Christian and Ale (and their kids).  We ate too much and the kids played hard!  FUN TIMES!

Odin gorged on mashed potatoes and corn. :-) 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Bjorn Counting to 100

And loving every minute of it!  He wouldn't stop this morning until we got to the end!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend with Cora and Grady

This past weekend Momma took the boys to visit Grady and Cora (and for her to visit with Amanda).  Of course it was a lovely visit.  Odin and Grady picked up exactly where they left off about a year ago (last visit) and Cora and Bjorn got along better than they ever have (with some hurt feelings, but much improved;-).

Mom wasn't so great at capturing the moments so we'll have to rely on good memories;-)

Below Odin and Grady minecraft!

Our boys wake up ridiculously early, so we kept quiet playing Sorry until it seemed reasonable to leave our room and wake the rest of the house up!

 While we were gone Al flew down from NJ for a guy working weekend.  Bronson and Al accomplished an amazing long "wish" list mom put together...including this lovely chandelier! (a lot, lot more things!).

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bjorn and Milan

This morning Dad took Bjorn and Milan to the coffee shop for fruit before heading to daycare.  And of course, they loved it!  (Dad OFTEN does this).

Uno with Grandma Fern