Friday, October 30, 2015

Pumpkin Carving Party

We had our first really big party at the Holman House yesterday.  It was a pumpkin carving party and it was a huge success!  Lots of friends came and many, many pumpkins were carved.  As with most parties, more fun was had than can possibly be captured in photos...but we got a few good ones;-)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Chase Street Skate Night

Last night was the Chase Street Elementary School Skate Night and momma braved it with Odin, Ben, Lila and Bjorn.  The kids were great and had a blast.

Bjorn tried skating, but quickly discovered the motorcycle video games (not that momma actually let him put money in and play...but just sitting on the motorcycle was enough fun for him!).

 Odin was pretty serious most the night trying to master skating (but doing a lot of falling).  I did, catch him briefly skating with Ben.  Right after this picture they both tumbled!
 At the end of the night the big kids needed a rest and decided air hockey was a good option.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Grandma Cathy Visits Athens

This past weekend Grandma Cathy came to visit.  She spent lots of time with the boys.  But I think she spent the most time with Björn playing Uno!  He loved it and played until the very last minute when we had to drop Grandma Cathy off for her flight home.

Athens Half Marathon

Momma did it again...ran the 1/2 marathon and again with lots of support from the family!  The boys were great at cheering all the runners including mom!

Here's the running group at the start!  Channette and Monica (both in red) ran with Momma and Leslie and Gabriel ran/walked.

Here we are at the finish with Odin sneaking in!

And here's the group of kids!  After the race we all came back to the Holman house for a lovely brunch!  I was a great time!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Good friends, big fun

Whew...lots of playdates and fun this weekend.  Started on Friday with Alex, Lila, Milan hanging out with Odin and Bjorn after school.  Milan and Bjorn helped Momma make cinnamon rolls

and everyone helped to eat them!

On Saturday we went to a birthday party at the firestation.  Kids loved playing on the firetruck!

 We also went to the kids museum and Bjorn got to ride a motorcycle,

On Sunday we went to the corn maze with Ben and Max.  (Ben is covered in corn and Bjorn is keeping him under!).

Today is a day off school for Odin, so we are starting the morning with Lila and a little (ahem, I mean a lot) of minecraft while Momma tries to work (or rather updates the blog;-)