Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More House...

While Momma was in Raleigh, Dad and Al (super awesome friend from NJ that flew down for the long weekend to help with the house) were busy working on the Holman house.

Dad did lots of tiling!  And Al helped him make the tile cuts and do the plumbing for the sinks and toilets.  Lots of progress was made!

 And some fun was had too!
 Jason, the wonderful trim carpenter that has been working on the kitchen added molding to the upper cabinets and WOW it looks fabulous!
Whem Momma returned she got to see the granite slab that will become the countertop!
 And pick out some matching light pendents.  These are made from beads, match perfectly and will (hopefully bc not glass) hold up to wild boys!

UPDATE:  Here is a picture of the kitchen with the pendents hanging.  We might hang two more.  Not sure yet and will decide once granite is installed.

Magical Weekend

This past weekend was spent in Raleigh with our friends and only one word can describe it: Magical!  We played with friends the entire weekend.  We even camped with friends at Momma Hope's house and that was a special!

Demetrius, Odin, Luca and Bjorn play "wild boys" at Momma Hope's house.

Even got to swim in a pond and get extra muddy.

The next day Grandma Fern hosted a pool party.
 Bjorn is getting so good at swimming!!
 And after swimming the boys relaxed in the TV room (Luca, Demetrius and Odin).  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Bird houses with Grandma

Grandma Fern organized a fun art project yesterday for the kids:  building bird houses!

Momma Lynna and Luca working together...

Grandma Fern helping Odin while he takes a drink break!  HA
 And Grandma helping Bjorn with his...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kitchen Progress

The final pieces of the Ikea Kitchen arrived last Saturday and all this week our friends (Jeremy White --friend from HS with some amazing skills-- and Jason the trim contractor that has been so wonderful installing all our trim around the house) have been working hard putting it together.  So much progress has been made.

At the start it was just a bunch of boxes.  Thank goodness Jeremy organized it all!

Then it became cubes hanging on the wall!

In less than 3 days time we also had lower cubes and a knee wall that will hold the bar.

Here is a shot inside the kitchen.
I'm really, really excited to see the 4th day's progress :-)

UPDATE:  4th day's doors!  Notice how they all line up perfectly.  Jason knows we are perfectionists and took the time to make sure everything lined up!

Odin's last day of 1st grade

Odin's over the moon that today is his last day 1st grade and then SUMMER break!!  He's been doing non-stop math to think of all the different ways to express his final hours.  (7 hours = 17 half hours = 420 minutes = 42, 10 min blocks, etc...).  We've definitely been having fun with the count down!

 Odin with his teacher, Ms. Crighton.  We loved her (and we think Odin did too;-)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

For this Mother's Day, Momma got the weekend off!  Yes, Dad took the kids to Raleigh to visit with Grandma Fern and friends.  The kids hung out with Delta, Demetrius and Luca and got to swim lots in Grandma Fern's pool.  They came home Sunday evening and Momma took them to Sandy Creek for MORE swimming and playing.

In other news...the Holman house is coming along.  The Ikea kitchen arrived in a million pieces and boxes ;-)  Fortunately we have help putting this extra large lego set together!

And...Bjorn's description of Momma for Mother's Day was too cute to not post...