Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Fun

We started last weekend by meeting some friends at a local park.  For one second all kids where in the same place and we got a cute picture.

On Saturday morning it was rainy so we spent the morning making holiday cards.

Once the weather broke we went outside for play!  Bjorn "built" a hidehoot and here he is describing where the tools go in the tool-shed.
Odin, of course, found something to climb...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Odin the Amazing...

I turned my head for one second yesterday...couldn't find Odin, yelled, "Odin!" No answer...I walked around the corner and look what I found...he is such an athlete...He was really, really proud of himself once he climbed all the way to the top and then back down.

Although, nervous during the show I kept my mouth shut for fear that yelling would mess up his focus.  When he returned to the ground I gave him a high-five and then told him to NOT DO IT AGAIN!  That boy's going to keep his Momma on her toes! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

A day filled with fun and sun!

Yesterday (Sunday) was a fun-filled, sunny, WARM day in Athens (in DECEMBER!).  The temps made it into the 60's and in the sun it felt incredible.  We took a walk to the river (short hike right out our door) and explored :-)

Sticks are very important to our boys...

The desire to cross a part of the river to get to the "island" was too great for the kids.  And so they jumped in and ran across.  Momma wished she would have put them in their rubber boots!

Wet, but warm in the sun...

We ended our adventures with warm baths and lunch.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Busy, busy

Well, folks just say it is that time of year...but really I don't think our intense level of business has anything to do with the holidays...seems to have everything to do with our massive remodeling project on Holman Ave.  In a couple of days the drywall will be done, geothermal up and running and it will be time for us to begin the finishing work. That means we have to start picking out paint color, bathroom vanities, tile, is so much and so overwhelming (at least for Momma;-).

Yesterday we took a break after school and just enjoyed some fun and friendship at Memorial Park. We learned how to "sled" GA-style...

 Odin had a blast!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Holiday

Oh, what a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday we had this year!  It began with a trip to Raleigh and then a 2 night stay at the lake house (a benefit of the lake house not selling;-).  At the lake house our dear friends Lynna and Luca visited and the fun was continuous for 24 hours!  Lots of game playing, domino building and movies (of course!).

Our trip to the lake house was cut short by one night because the weather forecast called for snow up north and the next leg of our adventure was PA to visit our friends Mark, Mel and Madelyn.  And the weather man did NOT let us down...plenty of snow...the kids LOVED it!  Note the snowman above Odin's shoulder.  Momma stayed inside ;-)


After the weather calmed Odin got to ride a pony (first time ever).  He said it was AWESOME.
In the evenings we split our time between games and movies...

The morning we left was very sad for the boys.  Odin exclaimed, "It isn't fair.  Madelyn gets to live here all the time!"  I guess that means we'll need to visit more often!