Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Holman House

These are exciting times for the cute little house on Holman Ave that we purchased!  Originally we purchased it because we thought we could "move right in!"  And enjoy it as is...well, nothing is ever so simple...after decided the lead paint, lead in the pipes, asbestos siding AND asbestos in the drywall...we decided to take the house down to the bones!  And, add a monster addition...(the kitchen was too small for even a dishwasher and that just won't work for the most popular room in the house).

First the builders removed the asbestos siding...that little bump on the side of the house is (was) the kitchen.

Then they removed all the drywall.  Yes, that is outside light you see...when we removed the siding we discovered there wasn't ANY insulation around the outside of the house!

Next the bulldozer came to take away the tiny kitchen to prepare for the addition.

Bye, bye kitchen...Now to get ready for the addition!  We are adding an addition with enough space for us as the boys grow and it will sit on top of a basement.  Very exciting and lots of space.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Big Brother I want to do what you do!

Today is Friday and that marks the end of our second week in Athens.  The boys seem to be adjusting, although Odin clearly misses his Raleigh friends (and so does momma!).  He misses having steady friends and play dates (of which we did frequently in Raleigh).  The silver-lining, however, is Odin and Bjorn are now playing together all the time.  Bjorn loves it and is always trying to mimic Odin.  Odin is attentive to Bjorn and mostly enjoys his company.  At times, he gets frustrated with him, but overall they are becoming closer and closer.  After school (we call Bjorn's daycare school so he can feel like a big boy) we go to a park or head home to read stories while cuddling in bed.  

Here are the boys climbing trees at Bishop Park.

Progress on the house we purchased on Holman is moving along.  After finding asbestos in all the drywall we decided to take it down to the "bones" and start over.  This opens up many possibilities for moving walls and changing the layout of the house (in addition to the large 2-story addition we have planned for the house).  It is very exciting and our builder says we are going to be thrilled with our "new old home."

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First week in Athens

We are adjusting and doing well...in the first week in Athens we...cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more.  The cabin we are staying at (while our house is being remodeled) had sat empty for a while and thus...well, it needed some TLC in the cleaning department!  It is a very cool place and is even better now that the kids mopped for us!

 The cabin is located on a 750 acre research forest that is gated with only card access after 5 and on weekends...this makes bike riding a lot of fun (and less stressful for momma!).

 Today after school momma took the kids to Bishop Park (the park that is 2 blocks from our house--and ~4 miles from the cabin).  It is a lovely park.  Today is rained and afterwards the kids found MUD.  A favorite activity for Odin and Bjorn...playing in mud...
 I thought this was a mud castle!  Odin and Bjorn said it wasn't, tho, they didn't say what is WAS! :-)

PS.  Dad really enjoyed cleaning up the kids and their shoes once we got home!

Monday, August 11, 2014

1st Grade and New Daycare in Athens

Today is Odin's first day of 1st grade at Chase Elementary School and Bjorn's first day at UCC daycare.  Odin's bus arrives at 7am (school starts at 7:40) so it was an early morning for everyone!  But we all managed and the boys made is happily to their classrooms.

All ready for school!

 Odin in the classroom.
 Bjorn and Dad at UCC daycare.
 Bjorn ready for breakfast!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Making the most of the last few days in Raleigh

Dad has been in Athens since Saturday getting unpacked and organized...during that time Momma has been living with Grandma Fern with the kids.  We've enjoyed "camping" at Grandma's and getting as much time with our friends as possible.

We had a lady's night with Momma Hope and Baby Asher (below in the picture), Momma Sue and Momma Lynna (oh, I wish I would have gotten a picture with us all...).

Momma went dancing with Lynna and Max...

Odin and Bjorn played with Delta and Demetrius...(Delta set up this awesome art project for the boys).

 And then they decided to paint the umbrellas instead of the cardboard Delta set out for them;-)

We had dinner with Momma Lynna and Luca.  Momma Lynna pulled out scissors, stickers and construction paper and the kids made fans and other beautiful drawings.  Momma Lynna and Momma Celia made yummy garden soup :-)

The boys had a fabulous playdate with Momma Sue with Lizzie and Lucus, but I'm sad to say no pics...but many fond memories.

After lunch today we hit the road for the southland...