Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Visit from NJ and NY!

This past weekend we had a visit from all of Bronson's siblings from NJ and NY.  Odin and Björn had a great time with their cousins, Sydney and Brooke (Uncle Brandon and Aunt Mary came too!) as well as with Uncle Ant and Aunt Lisa & Uncle Frank.  We all had a great time at the lake and got some R&R as well as a lot of sun!

Here is uncle Brandon and Brooke going for a dip in the lake.
We just got some "sit on top" kayaks and they were a big hit with both adults and kids.
 Sydney quickly learned how to get around on a kayak!
 Here is Celia on the wake board ... others also gave it a try.
 I mostly drove the boat.
 Going out to see the fireworks on the lake for the 4th of July was great!  We actually go to see 2 shows, one by the bridge by the town, then a private residence put on a huge show back by our place (miles away) that we caught by chance on the way back to the dock.  We got right up under the fireworks display over the lake.
 All of the kids got along very well (mostly :).
 Uncle Anthony needs to practice his light saber moves...he's not used to fighting 3 big kid warriors and one little warrior (with a penguin!).
 Brooke and Odin finally hit a stride and played well together and weren't in constant competition...
 Aunt Lisa and Uncle Frank taking a relaxing break from the craziness of all the kids!
 Bouncing around in the tube was lots of fun...Aunt Lisa couldn't get enough tubing (constantly wanting to go faster!)
 On the last run of the weekend I figured out how to do a hard enough turn to get them really moving...screams all around!
 Here are the 4 cousins.  Odin (almost 5); Sydney (almost 7); Björn (almost 2); and Brooke (almost 4).
Here are the 4 siblings.  Brandon (Age = over the hill + ); Bronson (Age = over the hill); Lisa (soon to be climbing the hill); Anthony (just looking at the hill).

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Before having kids I never thought peeing on the potty would be such a big deal...but here I am blogging about Bjorn's self potty training. Yes, at 2.5 month shy of 2 years old Bjorn is peeing on the potty.  He smiles and gets so excited when it happens too! A a reward we let him go without a diaper (he has made it very clear that he is done with diapers). And for the past two days more pee has gone in the potty than on the floor. Such a big boy...