Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The boys are growing

Bjorn is growing so fast and he's so adorable!  He says many words including: bro (for brother), hair, hat, hi, bye, da (for dad), and some others that I can't recall now...(second child *sigh*).  He's also turned into a serious eater (he'll grab food out of your hand if you aren't careful...and he loves everything)!  He loves to dance to all kinds of music.  Grandma and Bjorn often listen to jazz and boogie while Momma is working. 

His favorite place is the garage.  He has to do everything Odin is allowed to do, so last night he talked us into letting him hammer a bit...
And when we are working in the garden he really wants to help.  He's even started to understand the concept of pulling weeds instead of veggie plants!  But Momma has to show him very clearly what a weed is and what a veggie plant is!  Of course, watering is the most fun of all...watch out!!

Big boy, Bjorn, can now hold on all by himself on the swing.  And he loves it!
 Yes, I'm so cute!
The boys hanging out in the garage...Dad is showing the boys a beaver skull he found on our forest land.
Getting a picture of Odin these days is so hard!  He's always on the move, but Dad managed to snap a picture of Odin and Maya on the swing.  

Odin is in the stage where he is really starting to notice all the beautiful things around him.  He wears this tie-dye shirt every chance he gets (only in competition with the Lightening M'Queen shirt given to him by Demetrius) because he says the colors are so beautiful.  This morning while reading a story he commented on how beautiful one of the pictures was in the book.  When we are driving around he points out the flowers he thinks are beautiful.  Such a delight...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Visit from Grandma Cathy!

We had a visit from Grandma Cathy from NJ this weekend.  Everyone had a great time.  Björn had a lot of fun on the scooter being pushed by grandma.
Björn really enjoyed swinging on the tree-swing with Grandma Cathy, he was laughing out-loud and all smiles!
Odin had lots of fun too!
Even though it was a bit cold, we still took Grandma Cathy out on the boat!
When it was cold, Odin figured out how to get warm.
We had a nice meal outside on the deck (easy to clean up after kids!) on our new deck furniture.
In the garden Björn was getting a bit hungry, so.....
...he decided to have a snack!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Visit from the Bullocks and Sweden

This past weekend Uncle Brandon, Aunt Mary, Cousin Sydney and Cousin Brooke visited us at the lake house.  All had a wonderful time!
Playing with the HotWheels race track!  Lots of crashes.
Sydney also read some to Odin and Brooke.
They brought kites for everyone and it was nice and windy.  What a great way to tire them out!  keep running...

We really enjoyed our new boat and the adventures!  Momma spent most of the boat ride nervous about the kids falling out...a glass of wine helped calm her nerves!  Odin kept saying "Dad, go as fast as it CAN!"  Björn loved having his hair blow in the wind and would shake his head from side to side in the wind!
Here the kids are checking out the controls.

We also had some visitors on Saturday from Alnarp and Höör, Sweden.  Eric looks surprised at how big our pizza is in America...everything is bigger here!  Urban did his best to eat both slices of pizza.  
Lårs and Eric lounge in the front, joining me for a beer on the water!