Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend in the Mountains

This past weekend we went to the NC Mountains to see some snow!  And spend some time with Aunt Connie.  Wow, did we have fun :-)

Aunt Connie has a cozy cabin close to Boone.  We all loved the fireplace, cozy feel of the log cabin, but Odin, loved Jack (the dog) the most!

 Bjorn enjoyed Aunt Connie quite a bit too!  He got lots of quality time with her.  Oh, and he also, really enjoyed her blender, nail file and fire starter :-)
 Odin and Jack shaking hands...

BRRRRRR!  It was cold and snowy!  
 We braved the cold for some tubing ...  Odin loved it!
Here is a picture of Celia coming down the track on a tube.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Brothers Havin' Fun!

Odin and Bjorn really enjoy each other!  At times, however, they can really annoy each other :-)  But for these pictures it is all delight!
BUT, about two seconds after this picture was taken, Bjorn took the shopping cart away (stealing it from Odin) leaving poor Odin really frustrated!  But Bjorn was determined to push the cart all around Trader Joe's!

This dual bath all began with Bjorn needing a quick bath after a making a mess!  But, Odin couldn't resist the fun, so he joined in.  Fortunately the floor needed mopping anyway...

We got a little ice and managed to do some sledding!

 WEEE....faster dad, faster!