Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Björn's First Strawberry

Dad took this picture right after that very first bite of strawberry!  HA!
 But, Björn liked it and went back for more!
 Odin and Björn are really starting to play together more. 
 We had a quick 1 day visit from Grandpa Dave.  Odin got to blast him by surprise on the back deck with his new water gun...if only we had a picture of that!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just Lovin' Life

Life's been pretty darn good around here these days...Recently Momma and Dad went to see "A Prairie Home Companion."  We think Bjorn enjoyed the show too!
Or perhaps he enjoyed the alone time with Momma and Dad!  Odin got to stay home with Grandma Fern and watch as many videos as he wanted.  Odin actually asked us to leave so the video-watching could begin.  We've told Odin he is only allowed to watch videos when he stays alone with Grandma.  The next day he asked if he could do it again!  But Grandma said she could only watch unlimited videos once a month.
Bjorn and Odin continue to foster a healthy, loving brotherly relationship!  Hey, don't pull my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While Dad was busy working one evening Momma, Granmda and Odin went out to Durham to listed to some live music.  Odin said he really enjoyed it...or was it the french fries with ketchup that he enjoyed!?!?!?  A special treat!
A Swedish friend, Eric, visited with us this past weekend.  He and Odin got along fabulously.  Odin asked if he could stay another night...maybe, just maybe!
Momma has recently really gotten into fermenting veggies and drinks.  Below is a picture of her most recent creations.  From right to left:  sauerkraut, spiced beets, turnips and beets, water kefir, water kefir + lemonade in the second stage ferment (super yum!  this will taste like lemonade sofa when it is done).