Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So Much Play

I don't know if there is room for both of us in here, can't you see I'm working
Bjorn at 6 months!  So BIG!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Momma and Bjorn

An awesome picture Amanda took of us while spending time on our tree farm.
Bjorn is growing so fast (as they all do).  He's eating all kinds of foods:  egg yolk, sweet potatoes, avocado and bananas.  And he loves it!

This morning Odin spent almost a full hour lying next to Bjorn while Bjorn slept.  He really loves his younger brother.  And the feeling is mutual.  Lately whenever Odin gets in trouble and cries, Bjorn cries too...so much empathy and so much love!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Visit From Grady and Cora

Some special friends visited with us recently...Grady and Cora (and their mom, Amanda). Odin probably thinks Grady is the coolest creature on the earth. He is an older boy that pays him special attention and has done so since Odin was very little.
We went for a visit on the land and all had a fabulous time!

In other news, Bjorn continues to enjoy new foods.  This morning he ate an entire egg yolk and we are pretty sure if we would have offered him a second one he would have eaten it too!  Thanks to the Kaufman's Bjorn has a special tripp trapp chair just like Odin...At dinner tonight Odin sat next to Bjorn, both in their tripp trapp chairs.  It was BIG TIME FUN for both boys.