Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Boys

Some great pics of the boys.  Here is Bjorn!  Bjorn is growing so fast!  Two days ago he mastered the back to tummy roll and enjoyed it so much he rolled back over to his tummy and back again to his back...back and forth, back and forth!  Today he found his feet and loved that chewing sensation. 

Odin continues to shower Bjorn with lots of love and attention.  Today when he got home from playing with his friend Maya, he told Bjorn that he loved him and missed him and gave him a big kiss on his cheek!  
 Odin loves to play his guitar to an audience!

 Just being funny!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holidays and Trip to NJ

Doing some clean up in the yard and getting some leaves to feed to the worms in the compost bin.
While xmas shopping Odin and I found the perfect gift for Mama...a pot big enough for her in the kitchen... and it's cast iron!  :)
On Christmas morning Odin loved opening up his stocking gifts before breakfast.  Note the goodies left for Santa on the fireplace!

Family picture of us.  Even Bjorn had a xmas outfit on.
Odin's favorite gift was a remote controlled Jeep.  (Fun for dad too!)

After Christmas, Odin and I went up to NJ to visit family and friends.  Odin used his new travel bag on the trip and he really did 'carry his weight' as he packed all his stuff in there.
We got to see Grandpa Jim.
The best part of the trip was staying with his cousins, Sydney and Brooke.  They had a great time playing, though Odin and Brooke were in constant competition.  The next two pictures describe their relationship, ha! 

We got to go on Uncle Brandon and Aunt Mary's boat, but no swimming in NJ.
Odin got to have fun with Grandma Cathy at the same park that I used to play at as a kid (though with different, and safer, playground equipment). 
At a large family and friend gathering we got to see Aunt Lisa and Uncle Frank too!
Hard to believe there are all these kids around...we used to be the kids!  :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hair Cut

Last Tuesday Odin got his hair cut!  As you guys recall Odin said no hair cut until he was a thousand years old.  BUT, about two weeks ago he got glue in his hair and we HAD to cut some of it...and it was then that Odin realized that getting a hair cut wasn't painful!  At that moment a light went on in his mind and he screamed, "I want my hair cut! I'm sick of it in my eyes and in my way and it hurts to be combed.  I WANT IT CUT!"  And so, we made plans for the historic day...

 Three long pigtails were cut off and saved.
 Odin said the shaving part tickled...
 As a reward he got a lollipop.  Now this was a super big deal b/c Odin has only had one other lollipop in his life.  And since then we've told him he can only have them once a year on his birthday.  But, on this special occasion because he did so well...he got a very special lollipop.  Since this momentous day Odin has told me, "Mom, you should get your hair cut!  It doesn't hurt AND you get a lollipop afterwards:-)"