Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mushroom Logs and Bee Homes

Life has been very busy at the homestead these days. Gardening, setting up mushroom logs and getting ready for the honey bees! Odin helped dad paint the honey bee's home yesterday.

A couple of weeks ago he helped dad inoculate the mushroom logs. First they had to drill holes in the logs...

and then hammer in the spores.

Of course, around the house it isn't all work and no play! Bubbe came to visit and brought something very cool and special; a keyboard! Now when Bubbe comes to visit they play together. Odin really likes it when Bubbe plays "Wheels on the bus." Odin is also getting really good at counting to 8 as Bubbe tries to teach him musical scales.
Mom's belly is getting bigger and Odin is pretty excited about the baby in the belly.