Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We are pregnant!

This is just a catch up blog...we've been so busy lately that we've gotten behind. Our biggest news is that we are expecting. We are 12 weeks and yesterday we heard the heartbeat; so amazing! Odin was pretty amazed too! About 8 weeks ago we had a friend (Christi Standley)come and take some professional photographs. They came out great and below is a small selection of some of the best. In these pictures Mom is 4 weeks pregnant and although we didn't know it; Mom became suspicious b/c the session ran long and she became very nauseous when lunch was late!

In other activities...the community garden is coming along fantastically. We've got many spring veggies planted and last weekend Bronson inoculated shiitake mushrooms. In a few weeks we are getting bees too! So many exciting things going on...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun with friends

Still more sledding in Sweden! Odin has a big smile!
While dad was working Mom took Odin to a "play zone" for kids and Odin got his first taste of air-hockey...look at this action shot.
We went for a walk with our friends Tord and Agneta and had a fire in the woods. We also, of course, did more sledding!
Odin found a guitar at Tord and Agneta's and was jamming away!
We spent our last evening in Sweden with Kenneth and Anita and Odin had lots of fun running around.
But the best part of the dinner for Odin was when he got to help Anita put out the candles afterwards!
Then the long flights home...but no worries, Odin enjoyed listening to classical music and having a snack. We took many trips up and down the aisles, read lots of books and took a nap. 20 hours later we were back home in Raleigh.