Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Helping Mom Cook

Odin can now reach the knobs on the stove allowing him to help me cook dinner!

Hey Mom look at me!! Am I doing something I'm not supposed to do? Fortunately, the stove has a "lock" option that will not let him turn on any burners or open the oven door.

We had some friends over for dinner and Odin enjoyed some blueberry pie!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

USA Visit

We had a great trip to the US in early September! Odin got to see all his grandparents and some friends. In Swedish, they have different names for each grandparent, mother's and father's. It makes a lot of sense and you can distinguish between grandparents.
MorMor = Mother's Mother
MorFar = Mother's Father
FarMor = Father's Mother
FarFar = Father's Father

Odin with his FarMor Cathy and FarMorMor Lucy (Father's-Mother's-Mother).
FarMor Cathy sure can make me laugh!
Odin found some "toys" to play with while visiting his FarMor. Now we know why one needs lots of tupperware!
Odin and MorFar Dave. His shirt reads "I'm Slow, I know, Get Over It" we thought it was funny because it applies to both him and Odin. Ha!
Odin loves dogs! One of his favorite is Uncle Jeff's dog Mynx.
Odin's new favorite book is a cat book his MorMor Fern got him.
Odin and dad enjoying some fun times with Uncle Bill and FarFar Jim.
Our friends, Mark, Mel, and Madelyn, from PA drove up to NJ to see us.
Odin and Madelyn had a great time "yelling" at each other. Click Play on the video below to see and hear!