Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Visit to Torsåker, Sweden

A visit with some baby goats.

Odin laughed very hard, the goats were funny!

We visited with a friend, Daniel and his parents at their farm in Torsåker, Sweden. Nearby there were some old fishing villages.

Odin on his first Viking Ship!
Always need a break to strech and crawl around.
Just a cute picture of Odin with Mom!

Friday, July 17, 2009

3 Day Fever

Although the weather in Sweden is still a bit cool, Odin has not been so cool! We returned Tuesday night from visiting some friends at their summer home and Odin felt HOT. We checked his temperature and he was 103.8! After consulting the Dr. Sears Baby Book we stripped him down to his diaper and tried to relax. Fortunately his fever lowered and hovered b/w 102 and 103 the rest of the night. And that is where it was for the past three days. We took him in for a visit with a nurse at our baby clinic and she said, "He has three day fever." I think that is code for "he has a virus of some sort!" He's feeling better now and his fever appears to have mostly disappeared. Below are some pics we took before he got sick.

Odin enjoying his first chicken bone!
Odin hanging out with one of his new friends, Cecilia.
Naked baby on dad's shoulders! Fortunately Odin didn't pee on dad!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Walking with Cart

Here is a video of Odin walking using a new cart that we got for him. You can tighten the wheels up to slow it down so it doesn't slip out from under him, though he can still get it going fast! (It's a large file so it may take a minute to download)

Odin also had time this weekend to catch up with an "old" friend, Cornelia, that he's known for 3 months. They really like playing with each others toys!
It was quite warm last week and we had a chance to let him splash around in the lake. Here is Odin going for a walk in the water with our friend Anita.

Playing at the dinner table with Dad.