Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekend Fun

This past weekend Momma had both kids all weekend...we made the most of it.  On Friday night the kids watched TV with grandpa and enjoyed POPCORN!  
 On Saturday and Sunday we played with friends.  We had so much fun playing with friends I only got one picture of Odin and Demetrius;-).
 The fun continued into Monday where we went to Monkey Joes.  Odin was moving too fast to get any pictures and the ones I got of Bjorn where a bit blurry!  Kids were tired and hungry afterwards!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Weekend in the NC Mountains

We spent last weekend in the mountains of NC at Aunt Connie and Uncle Henry's cabin.  There was still snow in the mountains so we were able to go 'tubing' on an old ski slope.  Lots of fun and excitement!  

 Odin was smiles and laughing all the way down, even when we crashed into the walls on the side and almost flipped!
 Uncle Henry gets a running start and a big jump to get speed.  Look at the air under his feet!!
 Then later that afternoon, we did something Odin was VERY excited about, we went to a gem "mine" and got to pan/screen for gems!  Here is Odin next to a huge amethyst crystal.
 It was pretty cool, they had very muddy water running down this wooden frame and then you would use the screen mesh sifters to shake out all the dirt and small items, leaving you with a lot of regular rocks, but also some jems!
 Here is the picture of the bucket of fill/gravel/dirt/sand/gems that we had to work with.  (yes, the more you pay, the bigger the bucket!)
 Screening in the muddy water.  Björn's favorite part was using the sifter to splash his brother!
 Björn checking out all the cool sights!
 Aunt Con and Celia.
 Björn helping Uncle Henry put away all the cushions and of course helping with the bungee cords!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Odin lost his first tooth!

He was thrilled to find the tooth fairy had given him a 2 dollar bill :-)