Friday, June 28, 2013


A cucumber from the garden...a boy that loves cucumbers...

A tomato from the garden...a boy that loves tomatoes (with salt on them;-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Björn the boy with beautiful curls!

Björn is really starting to show his personality and it gets stronger and stronger as he grows!  Like his Momma and Papa he likes organization!  This is polar opposite of his brother, Odin.  Below he helps by putting away the flatware.  Often after playing with a toy he insists on putting it away.  If he can't put it away he will hand it to someone so THEY can put it away for him.  He's not satisfied until the item is in its correct place.
Björn also loves music.  He will often dance and grove to music and...much like his older brother...LIVE music is the best.  Last weekend we took the boys to a friend's 40th b-day party.  They had a live band and Björn was mesmerized.  He wouldn't let anyone touch him while he was listening to the music.  He sat very still and swayed slightly occasionally breaking the trace by dancing a bit in his seat.

Björn truly loves his big brother and wants to be near him at all times.  Last night he enjoyed sitting on him and pulling his hair!  Odin didn't enjoy that so much...

Björn is an avid gardener learning from Odin.  He likes walking around in the garden tasting everything.  He's partial to the green leafy stuff (basil, kale, collards).  We harvested the garlic recently and hung it up to cure on the porch.  Both Björn and Odin liked our new porch decoration.  Odin said it looked COOL!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A hike in the woods

This past Saturday we took an absolutely lovely hike in the woods with our best hiking friends, Lynna and Luca.  Odin and Luca blazed the trail  (like always) at top seed while Momma carried Bjorn and chatted with Lynna.  Bjorn, too, did some walking and soon, I'm sure, he'll be blazing the trail with the older boys (or at least trying his best!).