Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekend at the Lake

 We spent Memorial Day weekend at the lake house with some good friends.  We had the McMullan's (Hope, Luke, Delta, and Demetrius) and the Mattia's (Lynna and Luca) company and it was a blast.  We played in the water, took boat rides, did tye dying, painted and ate really good food!

Delta gave Bjorn lots of special attention and he loved it.
 Delta brought her kayak.  With Luca's help she pulled Odin and Demetrius around the cove near our house.

 Luca and Odin hang out and splash on the back on the boat.

Momma Celia, Odin, Momma Lynna and Luca get a ride on the tube!  Our first ride ever.

And the kids do some floating in the tube!
 Everyone enjoys a snack...

Monday, May 20, 2013


The garden is in full swing and looking pretty good this year.  Momma is finally learning what grows well in the garden:  kale, collards, garlic, onions, sugar snap peas, green beans, carrots, beats, salad, basil, dill and hopefully tomatoes!  Last year the tomatoes did NOTHING, but there are high hopes for this year...

Last night we harvested sugar snap peas, onions, garlic chives, kale and collards.

The garden!  So beautiful...

While Momma weeds and harvests Odin and Bjorn play in the yard.  Odin enjoys pulling Bjorn on the tractor.  Odin has endless energy...
 Check out our new shoes!

Soccer Time

 Odin has been doing soccer weekly for almost 3 months and he loves.  Recently he moved up to the next level and is doing great.

The class usually begins with a few warm up races.  Odin is so competitive that he has to be the winner (good thing he is pretty fast).
 But occasionally he does have to rest!
 Playing games is the most fun (Odin is wearing the blue shirt).

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brother's That Love

Odin and Bjorn...brothers that love each other so much!  Odin is just getting a taste of how much fun Bjorn can be with little bits of rough-housing and playing together.  This includes jumping together on the trampoline (with Momma constantly saying, "Odin not so high, careful Bjorn is right behind you!!!"), chasing each other around the kitchen, jumping on the couch, and playing hide and go seek (Bjorn is still learning this one).  Bjorn, too, is exploring how much he enjoys Odin.  He is always dead-set on doing whatever Odin is doing and often yells after him saying, "Bro!  Bro!"  Bjorn will search the house for Odin if he can't find him.

BUT, as siblings do, they also get so mad at each other!  It is amazing how an obsolete toy can suddenly become the hit of the household when one decides they want to play with it (resulting in a screaming match over who gets it).

At night as we struggle to get Odin's teeth brushed (Odin fights every moment of this chore), Bjorn begs for us to brush his teeth often shoving the tooth brush in our face.  The same happens as dad tries to brush their hair...

Its a zoo, but a fun one (most of the time)!