Friday, January 11, 2013

Bjorn made a sentence

Or so Grandma says, and she's a really honest person :-)  According to Grandma, Bjorn just said, "Hi Cat!"  He's been saying cat a lot lately, but we haven't heard Hi yet!  But, he is a genius so this is entirely possible!

Bjorn rides on the merry-go-round with Dad.

Odin, loves riding too!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just some cute pictures

Working with Bronson is a nice fellow from Finland, Mika.  He's spent a bit of time with us and recently took some really nice pictures of our fun times...

Bjorn with a rake.
 Handsome boy!!!
 Apples at the farmer's market.  Odin said he wanted a very RED one!
 Odin loves Cooper so much.
 We all love a fire!!  Bjorn says HOT!

 Carrots from the garden:-)  The face says it all...

Odin and Momma on the trampoline!  What fun!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Odin the Chef

Odin has started helping Momma in the kitchen!  He's a big help.  Of late we've been making a lot of quiches or maybe you might call them frittatas (no crust).  Odin pretty much makes them w/o Momma help.

First Odin cracks a dozen eggs into the bowl.

Then he mixes and adds in cheese and if we have it cottage cheese too.

While Odin is crackin' and mixin' Momma cooks some sausage (pretty soon Odin will be ready for that step too, but not just yet).  Odin mixes in the sausage and off it goes into the oven.

 YUM!  This morning Odin and Bjorn with some help from Dad ate almost half the frittata!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Playing with toys and enjoying the holidays

A holiday picture of the family!  We took almost a 100 pics to get just one where we all looked good and someone wasn't making a funny face (ahem...Odin!).
Bjorn is growing and doing so much now!  He walks more than he crawls and is talks a lot, although, most "words" are still unrecognizable;-)
Odin got castle building blocks for Christmas.  He and Dad really enjoy building with them.
Bjorn is so ready to do everything his big brother does...including riding a bike!  But, not yet!  Soon...soon...
Just a really cute pic of Bjorn and Dad.
One of Bjorn's favorite things to do is figure out what is HOT!  Here he is in front of the fireplace testing the fire to see if it is hot.  Yup!  It is!  He says, "hot, hot!"
Yesterday we took a rare trip to the mall.  Odin got a special treat and was allowed to do the jumping ride.  Oh, did he love it!