Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bjorn is walking...almost

This past T-day holiday Bjorn took 2 steps!!  He hasn't walked much more, but we think really soon he'll be off!  Bjorn is also really enjoying feeding himself.  Today he grabbed a cup and put it to his mouth and drank all by himself.  He's such a cute eater (and a good one too!).  He loves all food and if he sees you eating, he wants a taste!

Today mom caught Bjorn eating fermented beets and sauerkraut on camera...such sophisticated tastes!  He also ate liver pate, strawberries and butternut squash soup today.

Bjorn is also getting very good at communicating! He says Momma, but more than talking he points to what he wants or pushes his way to what he wants and if Dad is giving Odin too much attention he tries to push Odin off Dad's lap!


We spent Thanksgiving at the lake house with our friends Hope and Luke and their children Delta and Demetrius.  It was a great time.  The kids played morning till night.  We did some crafts and we spent a day at the forest land.

Bjorn in the middle between buddies Odin and Demetrius.

Climbing a special tree...Delta, Demetrius and Odin see how high they can go!

Luke, Delta and Demetrius enjoying the warm fall day.
Our Thanksgiving feast!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween and Fall leaves

Yes, it's Fall here in NC, and that means LEAVES to ride your bike through!!
 Odin would back way up with his bike, get "tremendous" speed and then go fast through the leaves!
 Before Halloween we went to a corn maze at a local farm.  They had a huge slide that got the kids going really fast, lots of fun!
 Odin and I went on the "cow-ride" which was basically some black and white painted barrels being pulled behind a tractor around the field.  Fun!
Björn had a lot of fun too!  He especially liked the "spider web" for climbing on.   

 Luckily there weren't many big kids jumping on the web or Björn would have been bounced all over the place!
 Then Halloween night, Odin and Björn went trick-or-treating with their friend Maya (and parents).  Odin's pumpkin was pretty full with candy by the end of the night!
 Maya was a black widow spider, it went well with Odin's Batman.  Björn was "Super-Björn" wearing a superman outfit (no pictures), but he slept most of the time we were trick-or-treating.
Dad's favorite stop was the house that had 2 kegs of home-brew beer outside for the parents!  (and candy for the kids)

Odin enjoyed candy for 2 days and then we negotiated a trade... all remaining Halloween candy in exchange for a toy of his choice from the toy store.  He had his eye on a monster-truck for a while now...so he thought about it, said no, then came back to us 45 minutes later and said he was ready to trade in his candy for the monster truck!  What a big boy!