Monday, July 30, 2012


We leave for Pennsic (our annual medieval camping trip) this Saturday and we are in CRAZY sewing b/c Odin and Bjorn can't wear last year's clothes;-) 

Soon, pics to come of the finished product!

 Oh, easy on the eyes!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Play Time!

It was after Odin and Bjorn ate dinner they went off to their own corners to play ALONE!  Momma ate dinner and read an article in the newspaper!  Grandma called Momma over as it was definitely picture-worthy...

Odin "reads" while Bjorn plays with a beach towel :-)
Odin looked through his Disney book for almost 15 minutes!  It was a really nice break for Momma.
But then with the camera in hand she caught some irresistible pictures of Bjorn.
Me, cute, you betcha!
Oh, and by-the-way, I'm crawling!!!
And standing!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snack Time!

Today Grandma decided Bjorn needed to have afternoon snack (in addition to breakfast and dinner).  So Momma pureed butternut squash, chicken broth, tomatoes, a bit of coconut oil and a dash of curry power for Bjorn.  He LOVED it!

 And tried to jump out of his tripp trapp to get more!
 Oh, yes, I'm so incredibly cute!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trip to NJ and NY

Life has been so busy lately!  Possibly a bit busier than such we are really behind on updates!  So, here we go trying to catch up...

Last month we took a trip to NJ and NY to visit with family.  The drive was long, but Björn helped drive!

Odin and Björn got to spend time lots of time with family and they loved it.  In NJ Odin and Björn spent time with their cousins Sydney and Brooke.

Sydney especially loved spending time with Bjorn.

And, as usual Odin and Brooke oscillated from loving each other to not really liking each other;-).  We had a big cook out at Uncle Brandon and Aunt Mary's house.  We got to see so many family members.  And they got to see Björn for the first time!

While in NJ we also went to the beach.  Odin, Sydney, Brooke, and Trevor (Al's son) found some other cool kids to play with and they all worked hard together building a "river."

Björn hung out and enjoyed the sand and water.

Al brought a kite and Odin learned how to fly it!

While in NY we spent the day and Uncle Jonah's and Aunt Lynn's house.  They have a very nice pool.  Aaron taught Odin some tricks including jumping off the diving board!

Uncle Jonah waits in the water to catch Odin after he jumps in!

And then Odin got comfortable and started jumping by himself!  He's so brave!

Dad, Björn and Odin splashing in the water.

Uncle Josh playing with Björn

Aunt Em and Björn

All four cousins in NY.

Björn and Great-Grandma Leah.